Today the planet's resources have been significantly depleted and are under constant pressure from climate change and technological progress. Getting a crop becomes a real struggle for the quantity and quality of the products. Both agro-industrial holdings and ordinary farmers need really working ways to increase productivity while protecting limited and not always renewable Earth resources.

The mission of SYNAGRA GROUP is the application of knowledge and research to grow more crops on a limited area in different climatic conditions and depleted soils, including the most extreme climates. We do not chase the numbers. Our main task is to obtain high-quality products, preserve and improve the fertility of the soil, with the prolongation of yields for the future.

Our mission is the synergy of science and understanding of the deepest natural processes for a better future of our Partners and the human society. We strive to understand and accept nature, not fighting and destroying, but helping and caring, receiving from it pure, significant and qualitative crops, no matter technical crops or cereals, vegetable, fruit and berry, flower, etc. Using our products, we want to be sure that the land will get nutrition and farmers will get a first-class competitive product as needed.


The main goal of SYNAGRA GROUP is the development of effective solutions for farmers and owners of agribusinesses, taking into account their requirements and all the peculiarities of working and climate conditions.

We value and actively use the latest scientific achievements in biology, chemistry, physics and all related fields. Our team includes the most effective and competent practitioners of the main agricultural areas, advanced scientists and researchers, as well as independent naturalists. Knowledge is the cornerstone of all our developments. That is why SYNAGRA GROUP constantly invests in research and development to improve technological processes, soil and plant nutrition strategies and environmental solutions. SYNAGRA GROUP highly appreciates efficiency, specialization, initiative, attention to detail and teamwork, as these are key elements for the growth of our Company and Companies of our Partners.

SYNAGRA GROUP not only offers high-quality products and services, but pursues a much more ambitious goal: converting our knowledge and experience into the success of the Partners in the long run and their confidence in the future. Our cooperation does not end with the use of our products. We continue to study, analyze and improve your performance even after the terms of our contract were fulfilled. We keep our hand on the pulse from the beginning to the end of product use.