Microfertilizers of TM "AGRORISE" are high-quality aqueous concentrate of chelated organometallic compounds based on stabilized humic substances. Complexes is intended for preseeding processing of seeds and planting material, as well as fertilizing during the growing season when growing different crops. Protective action with the greatest force is manifested in extreme conditions: drought, waterlogging; freezing. Provides yield increase from 15-30%


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Agrorise PRO 3

for cereal crops: wheat, barley,oats,millet,rice; pasture and forage grasses

Agrorise PRO 5

for corn, vegetables,sunflower, roots, rape, legumes, fruit and berry crops) and others

Agrorise PRO 7

for fruit and berry crops (strawberry, watermelon), grape, flowers, fruit trees, cacao, coffee, tobacco,cotton,sugar cane