SYNAGRA GROUP is engaged in installation and adjustment supervision of effective advanced plant for the production of liquid nitrogen organic-mineral fertilizer on the territory of the customer's production facilities. Production can be based on:

  • carbamide and ammonium nitrate and other nitrogen-containing substances,
  • organomineral biopolymer compositions (nutrient medium of soil microflora), 
  • complexing agents, 
  • immunomodulators based on organometallic compounds,
  • plant protection products against drought and salinity,
  • any set of chelated micro-elements (including citrate forms) and growth stimulators (brassinosteroids and gibberlins), as well as structured deionized water in order to obtain the effect of superfluidity.

Processing unit is suitable for the production of liquid chloride-free complex microfertilizers) from mineral concentrates: phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide, urea, ammonium sulfate.

Carbamide-ammonium solutions and liquid complex fertilizers produced on equipment of SYNAGRA GROUP can be used in drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, as well as standard methods of application through sprayers, including on the frozen thawed soil with temperature up to -17 deg. Celsius.


  • sound-chemical reactors with boiling bed, equipped with high-speed turbo mixing devices of the vortex type;
  • flowing hydropercussion devices;
  • ultrasound generators with polarizing elements and magnetic attachments;
  • electro-reactive flowing heaters of new generation for large-scale production (from 1000 tons per day), or energy-efficient systems on any fuel suitable for the customer during the production of small volumes (up to 500 tons per day);
  • water structured on the effect of superfluidity.

If necessary, the production module is equipped with an automated system for loading raw materials and integrated storage tanks for 100 tons or 500 tons. Also it is possible to arrange a process room, taking into account resources and needs of the customer.


  • Reducing the need for the use of standard free-running mineral fertilizers by 2 times, standard liquid fertilizers are reduced by 20-30% due to the effectiveness of new product and, therefore, an increase in content of organic nitrogen by 3-4 times;
  • no loss of nitrogen and saving full nitrogen content during transportation to the place of use (in contrast to “home-made” carbamide-ammonium solutions). Moreover, there is an increase of nitrogen up to 10% when using nitrogen-fixing substances;
  • the superfluidity of the finished product in contrast to liquid carbamide-ammonium solutions made with the addition of humic substances;
  • absence of oxides of nitrogen;
  • start of reclamation and cleaning of depleted soil, creation of agro-grounds on sand formations in arid zones;
  • reducing the cost of produced liquid fertilizers by 15-20%, taking into account cutting the transportation costs (there is no need to transport water from afar);
  • increase in average yields in any soils and agricultural crops by 20-25%;
  • additional concentrates necessary for production (supplied by SYNAGRA GROUP) are within 3- 5%, all the rest is produced at the place of application.

The production complex is controlled by a single automation and dispatching system. It significantly reduces the risks of emergencies and personnel intervention in the characteristics and quality parameters of the finished product.

SYNAGRA GROUP performs supervising installation and training of personnel in the process of equipment assembly.

Costs for starting and organization of production are compensated during one field season due to the use of an honest product, and not solutions using cheap substitutes for nitrogen mineral complexes with similar physicochemical characteristics, so-called “empty” carbamide-ammonium solutions.

Technological cycles are know-how.

The formulas of fertilizers are developed based on the wishes and needs of the customer.