Use of immunomodulators for the protection of agricultural plants

Use of immunomodulators for the protection of agricultural plants

Protection from the negative impact of the environment and natural phenomena is necessary for all agricultural crops.

In order to save and improve yields in such troubles, our Company has developed the special immunomodulators — plant protection products. It is the weakening of immunity arising at the early stages of vegetation, which can cause a drop in the level of the potential yield.

Immunomodulators serve to improve immunity of agricultural crops and prevent fungus diseases. Diseases develop and advance in weakened plants and may spread even to a healthy individual. Nature has seen about the protective mechanism be triggered in plants, although, in order for it to start work, first of all, it is necessary to improve immunity with the help of growth stimulators and immunomodulatory drugs.

SYNAGRA GROUP Company brings to your notice organic drugs containing only biologically active substances, namely:

  • vitamins;
  • minor-nutrient elements;
  • amino acids;
  • proteins;
  • peptides and polysaccharides.

All these elements are needed by plants for their active and healthy growth. Such drugs (immunomodulators) are applied by agro-companies, farmers, producers of agricultural products and private farms.

Their main feature is a positive impact on the growth and proper development of the culture itself as a whole. In any climatic zone, no matter how favorable it is, there are annual unexpected changes in weather, which can adversely affect plants, especially those entered the active phase of flowering or ripening. In this case, immunomodulators will help you to diffuse these adverse effects and their consequences, as well as to improve the state of planting, with consideration of the expected natural phenomena.

Thanks to compositions that stimulate the development of plants, they accumulate useful substances and minor-nutrient elements, which make plants resistant to any negative conditions. For example, the plant endures sudden changes in air temperature, and the mechanical damage that occurs during farm operations is much better tolerated by it. The healthy plant is less susceptible to diseases and small pests.

The organic origin of immunomodulators not only has the good effect on the culture itself, but also positively reflects upon the fertility and physical characteristics of the soil itself.

The sale value of your products will immediately increase, since you reduce the amount of pesticides and mineral fertilizers applied, and, consequently, environmental indicators of the harvest increase.

SYNAGRA GROUP Company has a wide range of drugs to stimulate growth and immunomodulators, which have different functions and areas of activities, including specialized compounds: to increase the green mass or improve the root system of the plant, to accelerate the flowering process and ripening of seeds, fruit and tubers. In other words, anything and everything that is necessary for each agriculture.

Our specialized preparations help to enhance the resistance of plants to weather conditions, such as drought, freezing, unexpected fall in temperature, diseases and other negative factors.

SYNAGRA GROUP cooperates with customers from all over the world. Our developments are suitable for any climate conditions and complex physical parameters of soils.