Natural fertilizer Sapropel

Natural fertilizer Sapropel

Sapropel is one of the most common fertilizers. This is one of the leaders among those being used in arable farming thanks to the large concentration of useful substances that make it a unique natural fertilizer.


SYNAGRA GROUP Company calls your attention to the concentrate of the natural origin — AGRORISE BIO. It is produced on the basis of Sapropel and serves for the top-dressing of both fruit-and-berry and vegetable crops.


The special feature of AGRORISE BIO preparation is a high-level content of natural tholins — the main component of the food chain of nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Simultaneously, tholins act as the effective protector of ultraviolet radiation.


Also, the preparation contains the bacterial protoflora with the high proteolytic activity («Acidobacteria»), which allows making the biodegradation of plant residues (including, cellulose), microorganisms, as well as hydrocarbons absorbed to the deep decomposition products.


Sapropel represents putrid mud that is extracted in ponds and lakes. The Sapropel layer is formed due to the decomposition of plants and decay of fish, in other words — these are remains of aquatic life being at the bottom without access to oxygen within the period from a couple of tens to hundreds of years.


Sapropel is saturated with elements such as nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, various amino acids, as well as humic acids and other organic and natural substances and minor-nutrient elements.


The main advantage of such biologically active product as Sapropel is the development and growth of the strong plant resistant to various diseases, including root rot. In addition, this fertilizer prevents the development of malignant bacteria.


Sapropel can have the different composition depending on the soil of water reservoir, thus this factor is taken into account when selecting a fertilizer.


There are the following varieties of the natural fertilizer Sapropel:

·       organic

·       carbonate

·       glandular

·       siliceous.


Choosing a type of the fertilizer largely depends on the species of the plant.


One of the main advantages of Sapropel is the retention of moisture in the soil. Therefore, watering can be done much more rarely, and the soil does not dry out so quickly. At the same time, air permeability does not decrease at all, but on the contrary, it rises.


The main advantage being important for many agricultural companies is that Sapropel is an ecologically clean natural product. Moreover, the effective useful substances are retained in the soil for up to ten years.


Owing to the use of Sapropel, appreciable improvements in physical and chemical properties of the soil are possible.


The dark, almost black, color of this fertilizer can only give evidence of its very high quality and, accordingly, good content of useful substances.


It is not worth just abusing the treatment of Sapropel, since its composition is saturated with minor-nutrient elements and biologically active substances that affect the soil within the long period of time.


Sapropel is applied just as in its pure form, so it is easily combined with other mineral-based fertilizers and composts.


The fertilizer has proved itself well for both cereals and vegetable crops. In addition, it is often used as the top-dressing for fruit trees.


Agricultural companies, agroholdings, hot frames and private farms prefer to apply Sapropel as the top-dressing, as it perfectly copes with the tasks set, stimulates the growth of plants, increases the number of fruit ripened and improves taste properties of the product.


Ecologically clean components of Sapropel do not have a negative effect on either a person or an animal.


For sandy and clay soils, Sapropel has approved itself as one of the best bioactive fertilizers.



In order to obtain a more detailed advice on the product AGRORISE BIO, you can contact our managers.